Jun 08 2023

Four papers from the PLSE lab [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ] will be presented at PLDI'23 in Orlando, FL on June 17-21, 2023.

Jan 12 2023

Abhik Roychoudhury 's paper titled "SemFix: Program Repair via Semantic Analysis" published in ICSE 2013 received ICSE 2023 Most Influential Paper Award .

Jan 10 2023

Qiyuan Zhao joins NUS as a PhD Student. Welcome Qiyuan!

Jan 08 2023

Ali El Husseini from Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris joins as PhD Student in Abhik's team. Welcome Ali!

Aug 10 2022

Zhendong Ang joins NUS as a PhD Student. Welcome Zhendong!

Aug 03 2022

Martin Mirchev joins as a PhD student and Sung Yong Kim joins as part of the French Double Degree program (FDDP). Welcome Martin and Sung to Secure Software group!

Aug 01 2022

Jinsheng Ba and Suyang Zhong officially joined the NUS TEST lab. Welcome Jinsheng and Suyang!

Jul 20 2022
Jul 18 2022

Vladimir Gladstein joins VERSE lab as a PhD student. Welcome, Vladimir!

Jul 01 2022

A paper on random testing of Scilla interpreter and compiler with QuickChick will appear at ICFP’22.

Jun 20 2022

A paper on Hippodrome , a new tool for automated repair of concurrent data races, built on top of Infer Static Analyser, will appear at ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology.

Mar 31 2022

Umang Mathur's paper titled "A Tree Clock Data Structure for Causal Ordering in Concurrent Executions" won a Best Paper Award at ASPLOS 2022

Mar 01 2022

Abhik Roychoudhury receives the IEEE Technical Committee of Software Engineering New Directions Award, jointly with Cristian Cadar , for contributions to symbolic execution used for test generation and program repair.

Jan 01 2022

Ministry of Education (MoE) Tier 3 program Automated Program Repair funded to Abhik Roychoudhury , Ilya Sergey , and Chin Wei Ngan .

Dec 01 2021

Thanks to Oracle Labs for their generous donation to support our research on program repair for security.

Oct 01 2021

Descartes program on smart cities with CNRS has been launched ( Please apply ).

Sep 27 2021

Manuel Rigger shared his experience on the academic job market at a seminar and panel discussion at NUS

Sep 01 2021

Congratulations to Xiang Gao for defending his PhD thesis .

Sep 01 2021

Ziyi Yang joins the lab as a PhD student, and Tram Hoang and Bryan Tan join as MComp students. Welcome, Bryan, Tram, and Ziyi!

Jul 29 2021
Jul 25 2021
Jul 23 2021

Our invited position paper Deductive Synthesis of Programs with Pointers: Techniques, Challenges, Opportunities has appeared in the proceedings of CAV'21.

May 25 2021

The paper on Cyclic Program Synthesis has been named a recipient of PLDI 2021 Distinguished Paper Award .

May 04 2021

Two papers, on smart contract sharding and on cyclic program synthesis , will appear at PLDI'21 .

May 01 2021

Former PhD student and post-doc Marcel Boehme joining Max-Planck Institute for Security and Privacy as faculty member.

Apr 15 2021

Yasunari Watanabe has defended his MComp thesis on Certified Program Synthesis. Congratulations, Yasu!

Apr 01 2021

CPR tool on Concolic Program Repair (see paper) released.

Dec 01 2020

Yutaka Nagashima joins the team as a postdoc. Welcome, Yutaka!

Nov 30 2020

Our paper on Automated Repair of Heap-Manipulating Programs via SuSLik-style Synthesis will appear at VMCAI 2021 .

Nov 02 2020

An extended paper on Distributed Protocol Combinators with an expanded toolset and more case studies has been accepted for publication in Journal of Functional Programming. Now we can do Paxos!

Oct 29 2020

Abhik Roychoudhury will be speaking at the NUS PhD e-open Day 2020

Oct 01 2020

Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) R & D Workshop , (watch Day 1) organized by Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium

Sep 25 2020

Ilya will present the work on CoSplit at PurPL Seminar Series .

Aug 09 2020

Yunjeong Lee and George Pîrlea join the team as a PhD students at NUS School of Computing. Welcome!

Apr 06 2020

The paper by Kiran on mechanised verification of probabilistic properties of Bloom filters and their generalisations has been accepted to CAV 2020.

Dec 24 2019

Our paper on enhancing deductive program synthesis with read-only permissions will appear at ESOP 2020.