Get in touch with Manuel Rigger or Umang Mathur if you want to give a talk.

Summer 2023

Date and TimeSpeakerTitle and Details
12/5/2023, 4:30pm Cristian Cadar Addressing the Saturation Effect in Compiler Testing
28/4/2023 Ba Jinsheng, Zhiyu Fan, and Liu Jiahao ICSE 2023 Dry Runs
21/4/2023 Paulius Dilkas Synthesising Recursive Functions for First-Order Model Counting
14/4/2023 Louis Roché Parallel processing at a very large scale, with OCaml.
31/03/2023 Chi Zhang Automatically Testing Datalog Engines to find Optimization Bugs
24/03/2023, 3pm Son Ho Rust Verification by Functional Translation
17/03/2023, 3pm Anna Latour Solving the Identifying Code Set Problem with Grouped Independent Support
10/03/2023, 4pm Abhik Roychoudhury Program Repair and Automated Programming
03/03/2023, 3pm Matthew Flatt Sublanguages in Rhombus
17/02/2023, 3pm Chunyang Chen Towards Data-Driven Mobile App Visual Testing
10/02/2023, 3pm Priyanka Golia Fusing AI and Formal Methods for Automated Synthesis
03/02/2023, 3pm Boyd Anderson and Martin Henz (co-author: Kok-Lim Low) Source Academy - A Community-Developed Environment for Teaching Programming
27/01/2023, 3pm Kiran Gopinathan Proof Maintenance for Certified Libraries
20/01/2023, 3pm Ken Jin How CPython 3.11 is Speeding Up

Fall 2022

Date and TimeSpeakerTitle and Details
18/11/2022 Christoph Treude Effective Representation and Dissemination of Programming Knowledge
12/10/2022 Lindsey Kuper Verified Causal Broadcast with Liquid Haskell
07/10/2022 Chi Zhang Infrared: A Meta Bug Detector
30/09/2022 Justin Hsu Data-Driven Invariant Learning for Probabilistic Programs
30/09/2022 Mate Soos The Power of Definitions for Model Counting and Sampling
23/09/2022 Kuldeep Meel Democratizing SAT Solving
16/09/2022 Michael Pradel Bugs in Quantum Computing Platforms and How to Detect them Automatically
09/09/2022 Hernan Ponce de Leon Practical Formal Verification of Concurrent Code in the 21st Century
02/09/2022 Subodh Sharma Exploiting partial orders and symmetries in efficient analysis of message-passing concurrency
26/08/2022, 3:00pm Akash Lal Concurrency Unit Testing with Coyote
19/08/2022, 3:00pm Matthew Flatt The Racket Way

Summer 2022

Date and TimeSpeakerTitle and Details
28/04/2022 Andrea Costea CHRusty - Translating C to Safer Rust
21/04/2022, 10:30am David Basin Using Formal Methods to Analyze Modern Payment Protocols
18/04/2022 Amir Goharshady, HKUST A Short Introduction to Termination Analysis of Probabilistic Programs
14/04/2022, 10:30am Krishna S. Verification of Concurrent Programs under Release-Acquire Concurrency
7/04/2022, 10:30am Chuchu Fan Fast, optimal, and guaranteed safe synthesis for autonomous systems
31/03/2022, 10:30am Reyhaneh Jabbarvand The Missing Piece of Test Automation Puzzle: Explainable Deep Oracles
10/03/2022, 10:30am Ziyi Yang A Lazy Desugaring System for Evaluating Programs with Sugars
03/03/2022, 10:30am Azadeh Farzan A New Approach to Recursive Function Synthesis
24/02/2022, 10:30am Wing Lam Taming Flaky Tests in a Non-Deterministic World
17/02/2022, 10:30am Ruijie Meng Linear-time Temporal Logic guided Greybox Fuzzing
10/02/2022, 2:30pm Kuldeep Meel Next Gen Automated Reasoning: Beyond “SAT Revolution” to “Beyond SAT” Revolution

Fall 2021

Date and TimeSpeakerTitle and Details
30/11/2021, 9am Talia Ringer Proof Repair
23/11/2021, 9am Aws Albarghouthi Proving Robustness to Data Bias
16/11/2021, 9am Roopsha Samanta Taming Unbounded Distributed Systems with Modular, Bounded Verification
09/11/2021, 10:30am Chandrakana Nandi Rewrite Rule Inference Using Equality Saturation
02/11/2021, 5pm Earl T. Barr Dual Channel Constraints and Natural Type Inference
26/10/2021, 10:30am Michael D. Adams Improving the Expressiveness of Programming Languages
19/10/2021, 10:30am Yannic Noller Concolic Program Repair
12/10/2021, 9am Jingbo Wang Data-Driven Synthesis of a Provably Sound Side-Channel Analysis
05/10/2021, 10:30amYuyi Zhong BBPoly: Scalable and Modular Robustness Analysis of Deep Neural Networks
28/09/2021, 9am Bo Wang SynGuar: Guaranteeing Generalization in Programming by Example
21/09/2021, 4pm Joachim Breitner Candid, an interface description language for blockchains

Summer 2021

Date and TimeSpeakerTitle and Details
24/03/2021Yong Kiam Tan (CMU) Deductive Verification for Ordinary Differential Equations
17/03/2021Xuan-Bach Le (NTU) Verification of Multi-threaded Programs by Inference of Rely-Guarantee Specifications

Fall 2020

Date and TimeSpeakerTitle and Details
21/10/2020Aviral Goel (NEU) On the Design, Implementation, and Use of Laziness in R
16/10/2020Anshuman Mohan Verified Graph Algorithms
14/10/2020Andreea Costea ROBoSuSLik: Concise Read-Only Specifications for Better Synthesis of Programs with Pointers
11/10/2020Hila Peleg (UCSD) Programmer Tools with Program Synthesis
09/10/2020KC Sivaramakrishnan (IIT Madras) Retrofitting Effect Handlers to OCaml
07/10/2020Priyanka Golia Manthan: A Data-Driven Approach for Boolean Function Synthesis
04/10/2020Linghui Luo (Paderborn University) TaintBench: Automatic Real-World Malware Benchmarking of Android Taint Analyses
30/09/2020Zhen Dong Time-travel Testing of Android Apps
23/09/2020Teodora Baluta Towards Dynamic Oracle-guided Synthesis of Abstractions for Deep Neural Networks
16/09/2020George Pîrlea CoSplit: Practical Smart Contract Sharding with Static Program Analysis
09/09/2020Martin Henz SICP JS: Ketchup on Caviar?

Summer 2020

Date and TimeSpeakerTitle and Details
18/03/2020Yutaka Nagashima Automating proof by induction in Isabelle/HOL using domain-specific languages
11/03/2020Ivan Beschastnikh (UBC) Compiling Distributed System Models into Implementations
04/03/2020Kuldeep Meel Towards Verifying AI Systems: Testing of Samplers
26/02/2020Yahui Song Tvide: Automated Temporal Verification of Integrated Dependent Effects
26/02/2020Martin Henz Source Academy, what's in it for you
19/02/2020Ilya Sergey On Incorrectness Logic
12/02/2020Sangharatna Godboley Optimal MC/DC Test Case Generation
05/02/2020Toàn Nguyễn Thanh Rinser: Concise Explanations in Static Analysis Driven Code Reviews
29/01/2020Aquinas Hobor A Functional Proof Pearl: Inverting the Ackermann Hierarchy