Please, drop a line to Ilya Sergey or Andreea Costea if you want to give a talk.

Summer 2021

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Spring 2021

Date Speaker Title and Details
24/03 Yong Kiam Tan (CMU) Deductive Verification for Ordinary Differential Equations
17/03 Xuan-Bach Le (NTU) Verification of Multi-threaded Programs by Inference of Rely-Guarantee Specifications

Autumn 2020

Date Speaker Title and Details
16/12 Anshuman Mohan Verified Graph Algorithms
09/12 KC Sivaramakrishnan (IIT Madras) Retrofitting Effect Handlers to OCaml
11/11 Hila Peleg (UCSD) Programmer Tools with Program Synthesis
04/11 Linghui Luo (Paderborn University) TaintBench: Automatic Real-World Malware Benchmarking of Android Taint Analyses
21/10 Aviral Goel (NEU) On the Design, Implementation, and Use of Laziness in R
14/10 Andreea Costea ROBoSuSLik: Concise Read-Only Specifications for Better Synthesis of Programs with Pointers
07/10 Priyanka Golia Manthan: A Data-Driven Approach for Boolean Function Synthesis
30/09 Zhen Dong Time-travel Testing of Android Apps
23/09 Teodora Baluta Towards Dynamic Oracle-guided Synthesis of Abstractions for Deep Neural Networks
16/09 George Pîrlea CoSplit: Practical Smart Contract Sharding with Static Program Analysis
09/09 Martin Henz SICP JS: Ketchup on Caviar?

Spring 2020

Date Speaker Title
18/03 Yutaka Nagashima Automating proof by induction in Isabelle/HOL using domain-specific languages
11/03 Ivan Beschastnikh Compiling Distributed System Models into Implementations
04/03 Kuldeep Meel Towards Verifying AI Systems: Testing of Samplers
26/02 Yahui Song Tvide: Automated Temporal Verification of Integrated Dependent Effects
26/02 Martin Henz Source Academy, what’s in it for you
19/02 Ilya Sergey Incorrectness Logic
12/02 Sangharatna Godboley Optimal MC/DC Test Case Generation
05/02 Toàn Nguyễn Thanh Rinser: Concise Explanations in Static Analysis Driven Code Reviews
29/01 Aquinas Hobor A Functional Proof Pearl: Inverting the Ackermann Hierarchy